Friday, February 10, 2017

where is the line between hustle living and happy living?

Recently, so many different things have been pondering my mind and I have been feeling like it's not enough. Balancing life is insanely hard. I have been wondering "where is the line" for so many different things. Where is it for work balance? Where is it for relationships? Where is it for God? Where is the line drawn for day to day life in general?

We get this constant message of work harder. Hustle harder. Dream bigger. While I am firm believers in all of those things, some days I feel like I can barely get through the day. Some days I feel like I do one thing really well and then everything else slacks. I hustle really hard to work well, but then when it comes to just being with family and friends I am exhausted and can't give them my all. It is sometimes the simple things that get to me.

Life has been a lot slower these past few months and it has been lovely, but I have just been having a hard time focusing. Focusing on the Lord and being with Him. I feel like all of these things come at me when I just try and be still. The to-do list piles up: the people I never responded too, ideas I have for my business, future plans, relationships I should invest in and everything in between. It is all small small things and typing it out honestly sounds kind of silly - but in all honesty, don't we all struggle with balance?

Where is the line? Where is the balance? In what ways can I glorify God the most? Am I really making an impact in His kingdom?

In tonight's post, I don't have answers. Because in reality I rarely ever have the right answers.
I want your thoughts. Your opinions.

Much love,



  1. Hi love. I struggle with the hustle mentality a lot too from time to time. There is always that mantra, "Rise and grind" at the forefront of my mind. Truthfully, pursuing my passion does feel like happy living, but where the struggle comes in is when other factors have to be added in so that I can make a better life for myself, therein lies the hustle harder programming. I think when it comes to life, or at least my experience with prayer and faith (I'm not terribly religious but I am spiritual), God finds and answers me when I do the work for the things that I ask for. I think in that sense hustling and being happy go hand-in-hand. It'll get better. Just put your faith in him, do your best, and your life will open up in so many ways. I'm sure you already know that though :)

    1. Hello there, thank you so dearly for your kind words. They mean more that you could know. Much love always.