Friday, November 11, 2016

paris:: europe // feburary 2016

the amount of steps we climbed to get to the second floor of the eiffel tower.

oh sweet paris. the location i have dreamed of for years. i have been saving since middle school. we finally made it. it was quite the experience. it was so beautiful, but i learned one thing real real real quick. i am not a city person. i am the beach gal all the way. i enjoyed all of the tourists locations, but the people and people. though, it was completely worth is and i would love to go back again.

the view from our hotel.

the louvre. 

well. this picture explains it all. this was so cool to see.

honestly, we didn't make it that long in the louvre just because neither of us are really art people. but this was my favorite piece of art in all of the louvre. 
the ceilings were epic. 
something famous? 
now, this was a treat. a huge treat. when we went out that night, we were not expecting to see the eiffel tower and when we saw it twinkle, it was so beautiful. 

hey hey. guess where we are? PARIS. 

so so beautiful.

we climbed up both levels and it wasn't that far of a climb. totally worth the only 5 euros we paid for it. 

this. now this is paris. 

notre dame. 
we ended up going on our hotels top floor and having a treat and enjoying the gorgeous night time view.
paris was so nice and it was great to go, finally. my favorite part was probably thirft shopping. the thrift shops there are so small, but it is so much fun to push through to the one euro bin. i also enjoyed this view above and the fruit dessert i had on the top floor of our hotel. oh so much fun. bonjour! xo // moriah

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    How was it? How were the people? OH ENGLAND...WHAT WAS IT LIKE?
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