Wednesday, November 9, 2016

outer banks // christmas 2015

in 2015 we had a big family reunion at the outer banks over the christmas holiday & it was a blast. i am lover of the beach, no matter what time of the year it is. our weekend consisted of surfing, nerf gun wars, yummy food, and lots of walks to the beach. just the way i like it. here are a few shots.
christmas eve on the beach

the fresh market is where it is at.

fancy tea for a lovely day.

Jesus & nature.

drive up to the beach. this time is enjoy because i can just be still and talk with God.

surfing was a blast, even if this was just white water.

we model. call 1-800-mattix. k? thanks.

all the little cousins 
exploring the outdoors

dear adison, i hope you grow up to be a women on fire for God. 
cheers for the salty air and messy hair.

this little pool was the coolest at the beach.  
happy smiles with mi hermana.

following my footsteps.

just be there. all there.
the outer banks is my second home and we are up there quite often. it was a joy to spend some time with family and be outside to enjoy God's creations. xo // moriah

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