Saturday, November 26, 2016

nicaragua // july 2016

the last part of compass, was our missions trip to nicaragua! we flew from boston to florida to nicargua. nicargua was beautiful. it reminded me so much of hawaii. we spent a week there hosting a vbs in the poorer areas of the community. we would spend all day at our site and come back to our host home and swim and eat yummy homemade food. this was my first missions trip and it was a great experience. here is a recap of what happen.
this is 2am in the morning on our flight out to nica.

so traveling in groups in a foreign country city was not my favorite thing to do, but it made for some good laughs. this is managua. 
the streets of mangua.

the Lord calls us to  love. to love with all our heart. to give it all - physically and mentally for His glory. even through the sweat and endless piggy back rides - we loved and that is all that matters.

no one knows what is really going on in this picture but it was super fun.

afternoon talks on the water tower - with my girl harmony.
the streets of managua.

this is the lagoon we got to visit and jump in. it was SO much fun. 

this table is where many memories happened. it is where the children colored. it is where we planned our day. and it is where we took our afternoon naps after a long day.
this bus is full of memories.

take me back. 
we had a weekly verse and this is where we would practice it everyday.

the playground was on of my favorite spots on the site. it is where the kids ran free and wild. 
endless games of "pato, pato, ganzo"

             meet tanyia. she basically became my child for the week. she was filled with such a sweet love and joy.
the endless piggy back rides and side chats.

this was our translators brother. he was so adorable. 
just hanging in the lagoon.

boys R bad. 
live life on the edge for Jeus.

overall, nicaragua was an amazing place. the people. the community. and just being able to be the hands and feed of Christ was a beautiful thing. until next time. xo // moriah

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