Friday, November 11, 2016

kauai // summer 2016

guess who went back to the beautiful island of kauai? this girl. this time was so beautiful and different. i flew out for two weeks and go to experience true Hawaiian living. we hit up queens bath, the local waterfalls, this amazing hike on the drier part of the island, babies beach, the bay, kitchens beach and a few other local favorites. here is an recap in pictures.

and the journey begins.

we flew over oahu on the way there. 
this is where i stayed. it was true Hawaiian living. no ac and cool breeze coming through. 
my girl sheena made me a flower crown out of real hawaiian flowers. 
the everyday swing. this had a beautiful view over the valley. 
little a and i. a is rocking some seababy.

adventure is out there.

we went on walks everyday and it was so much fun.

the green is just breathtaking.  

the best burgers around. mmmm. real meat and all. 
my little mama friend.  
adventure is where memories happen.

yes, i jumped from this view. and it was epic.

outdoor showers ad baths are the best. 
everyday is a pool day. 
literally the best juice around. so so good. 
hiked/kayaked into this epic cold waterfall.  

the best beach/bay on the island. 

a and i had some quality time together. xo

kitchens beach with my crew.

monk seal!
in real life.

the fly home.

that is a wrap. aloha!

kauai was marvelous as always. one day i would love to live there and do missions work with the locals. it is a completely different lifestyle full of nature and simplicity.  xo // moriah

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