Wednesday, November 9, 2016

kauai 2015

this is island living.

aloha. i thought i would get back into the swing of things and post some of my travels over the past few years on here. i know. it is way late. but i really want to record all my adventures on this blog. so this is take one on our kauai adventure in june of 2015.

and we are off. nearly 12 hours of flying.

airport mexican was a no go.

oh the many ways they spell "mariah" at starbucks.

airport people watching is always fun.

SO close.

reunited at last!!!!!

adventuring in the valley.

the river full of memories.

this view was pretty epic after a muddy rainy hike.

can you count all of the heads?

barefoot livin'

the trail to the waterfall

morning swims with A

jumping off the waterfall! 
the whole gang 
best shave ice on the island

my little sidekick.

girls nigh out filled with art, matching necklaces, and yummy food.

rope swings!

the way of lifestyle here is something completely different than all of the us.

you sure bet there is no filter. our 6 mile hike was totally worth this  view.

yes, this is how you get across the creek.

yes we all basically lived in a horse stable for two weeks and it was oh so great.

overall, kauai was SO gorgeous and the amount of memories anna and i made there were priceless.
i could go on and on about all the stories and this post probably only accounts for half of the things we did. but man God was so gracious in allowing us to go visit the Beans and we had the time of our lives doing so. stay tuned for more travel posts. xoxo // mariah


  1. Aw I'm jealous, this looks like it was a wonderful, wonderful trip. I love your picture, they'r all so in the moment.


    1. thank you so much elizabeth! put it on your bucket list. worth every penny. xo

  2. This looks like a very great trip and love those photos! Niceee xo