Friday, November 11, 2016

germany:: europe // feburary 2016

so our next adventure was sttutgart, germany. our friends from back home moved their temporarily. it was so beautiful. it was a completely different environment than what i was used too. the community there is so surreal. everyone walks everywhere. rain or shine. the house that our friends were staying at was an ikea dream. we took a plane from england to sttutgart and from there we had a grand old time.

this moment will forever be priceless. those movies where the military guy runs and kisses his lady for the first time in months? well it was like this x1000. these little girls ran out to me and gave me the biggest hugs i have had in  a while.

because in real life - we are one big hot mess.

car ride reading. 

in germany, there is country for a little while and then you see cities on a hill and this continuously happens all throughout germany.
puppet show - courtesy of kate wallace.
we visited this epic castle and we hiked up to see it. 
the castle actually closed early because the wind was so insane.  
two little loves. 
germany is full of rain and cloudy days. 

basically, kate is my little sister. as well as abby.

overall, germany was so much fun and the bread there is amazing. the lifestyle there is completely different than america. it is so simple and environmentally friendly. now the language and the weather, those were a whole different challenge. but i am so thankful to have been able to go and would love to go back again! xo // moriah

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