Friday, November 11, 2016

england:: europe // feburary 2016

it all started when i got a text from my mom asking if i wanted to go to europe for about ten days in the spring and which i responded "HECK YES," like it was even a question. she is super rad and found an awesome deal. it all came so quickly and i couldn't believe that i was actually going to be going to england, paris, and germany all in one trip. this trip was so much fun and we flied SO much. i think seven plane rides? in ten days. that is what i am talking about. so our adventure started off in england and here is what became of it.

the journey started in norfolk, va then baltimore, then iceland, then paris, then england - did i say we took a lot of flights?

rubin courtesy of the mama.

chilling out in baltimore before our six hour flight to iceland - it was a red eye. the best kind of flights.

hey, guess what - 

iceland lights
mega big library in birmingham, moments away from our hotel

so, quick story: we were suppose to be taking a train the next day to see rabekah in england, but all the sudden we get this knock on our door and what do you know its good ole rabekah! i was in complete shock and loved the surprise.

we are in the uk and what do we get for dinner? american food. yall. american food. what the world.
our view. while most of the city was under construction it was a fun adventure. 

rainy days & city walks.

three of the four of us mattix girls! 

also another quick story: while trying to get from the train station to rabekah's bible school we couldn't get a cab. no one. nothing. so we preceded to hike in and after many miles we got there. i personally loved it. rabekah and mom on the other hand, not as much. 

after a long walk, we made it!

little lambs and sheep everywhere. it was so great.

just hanging out in england together, no big deal.
the beautiful castle my sister got to stay in over the course of a few months. 
overall, england was great and the small country-like town that we went to reminded me of home. i loved the environment there and all these cute lambs made it even better. seeing my sister was so much fun, but it was so sad to leave her. the bible school in general had an amazing community and it was so cool to see a small glimpse of that. also, this is the very castle where my aunt and uncle met! how crazy! keep your eyes out for the next post about..........germany!! xo // moriah

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