Wednesday, November 16, 2016

adirondacks:: lavivda // june 2016

this summer i was able to go on such a unique discipling program and man God moved lives. the program is so unique it is hard to explain. to put it in short terms - we got rid of a lot of "worldly" items and were striped to the raw core of ourselves. the trip consisted of three parts, lavivda, theological week, and nicaragua. the first part was lavivda. we backpacked for ten days in the woods of NY. no technology. no deodorant. sixty pounds on the back. and with eight other strangers. it was hard work. but it was so amazing. here is a recap of what happen.

this is when we were packing away for the next ten days. 
the first meal of the trip and if this tells you anything it was the best meal of the trip. 
just casually repelling.  
i climbed this whole entire rock wall. one of the rock tracks took me at least an hour to do. 
so, here is the thing we were not suppose to swim. but within the first few hours we were getting out feet wet.  
there were nine of us. all complete strangers and we decided to go spend 10 days in the woods together. genius right? 
just an average day at the site. our days consisted of hiking six plus miles, setting up camp, eating, sleeping, packing up camp and then doing it all over again.  
this was the BEST view of the whole trip. we were literally thin the clouds and this is just one of those moments you can't fully  capture on camera. the wind was so strong and we literally were looking down on tree tops. it was incredible. 
best view of lavivda.

this trip was indescribable. we cried. we laughed. we hiked. and we learned a whole lot about Jesus. these people you see in the picture are my true brothers and sisters in Christ and i am honored and blessed to have spent a month with them. xo // moriah

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