Saturday, November 26, 2016

nicaragua // july 2016

the last part of compass, was our missions trip to nicaragua! we flew from boston to florida to nicargua. nicargua was beautiful. it reminded me so much of hawaii. we spent a week there hosting a vbs in the poorer areas of the community. we would spend all day at our site and come back to our host home and swim and eat yummy homemade food. this was my first missions trip and it was a great experience. here is a recap of what happen.
this is 2am in the morning on our flight out to nica.

so traveling in groups in a foreign country city was not my favorite thing to do, but it made for some good laughs. this is managua. 
the streets of mangua.

the Lord calls us to  love. to love with all our heart. to give it all - physically and mentally for His glory. even through the sweat and endless piggy back rides - we loved and that is all that matters.

no one knows what is really going on in this picture but it was super fun.

afternoon talks on the water tower - with my girl harmony.
the streets of managua.

this is the lagoon we got to visit and jump in. it was SO much fun. 

this table is where many memories happened. it is where the children colored. it is where we planned our day. and it is where we took our afternoon naps after a long day.
this bus is full of memories.

take me back. 
we had a weekly verse and this is where we would practice it everyday.

the playground was on of my favorite spots on the site. it is where the kids ran free and wild. 
endless games of "pato, pato, ganzo"

             meet tanyia. she basically became my child for the week. she was filled with such a sweet love and joy.
the endless piggy back rides and side chats.

this was our translators brother. he was so adorable. 
just hanging in the lagoon.

boys R bad. 
live life on the edge for Jeus.

overall, nicaragua was an amazing place. the people. the community. and just being able to be the hands and feed of Christ was a beautiful thing. until next time. xo // moriah

Thursday, November 17, 2016

boston::theology week // july 2016

as i sit here and reflect on theology. a flood of emotions come to me and i just cannot quite explain it. during theology week in boston we questioned each other beliefs and we were asked biblical questions, that we had never though about before. we were just pushed to our limit in the deepest most spiritual way. but among it all, through the trials and questions we still managed to have a heck of a good time and get to know each other on an even deeper level. here is a little photo recap of the week.

this is all seven of us (minus our mentor) 
harmony is a friend that always makes me happy. we went on countless adventures together. we did so many stupid things. but among it all we challenged each other and grew in Christ.

this photo accurately describes how we felt 99% of the time after every adventure. 
van rides were SO much fun because we blared the music up super loud and shook the van. 

we found this little beach(ish) thing on the campus and it was a nice getaway from all the chaos. 
basically the most artsy picture of all time.

over the week we became experts at enoing. 
ask anyone on the trip with me. 90% i was barefoot.

this photo is one of my favorites because it reminds me that life is good. God is good. and i am in love with it all.  
basically our group in a picture.

harmony and i went on countless walks. daytime. nighttime. anytime. 

my favorite part of the day was our table talks - we all got together for an hour and just chatted about the day and laughed. ah. so much fun. 
tres amigas.

the rest of the world was in black and white but we were in screaming color.

our days consisted of lectures and bad food. but in the midst of it it was a lot of Jesus and a whole lot of laughs. this was one of the most difficult weeks for me, but it was totally worth it and i am amazed at how God moved through us in such a short period of time. xo // moriah

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

adirondacks:: lavivda // june 2016

this summer i was able to go on such a unique discipling program and man God moved lives. the program is so unique it is hard to explain. to put it in short terms - we got rid of a lot of "worldly" items and were striped to the raw core of ourselves. the trip consisted of three parts, lavivda, theological week, and nicaragua. the first part was lavivda. we backpacked for ten days in the woods of NY. no technology. no deodorant. sixty pounds on the back. and with eight other strangers. it was hard work. but it was so amazing. here is a recap of what happen.

this is when we were packing away for the next ten days. 
the first meal of the trip and if this tells you anything it was the best meal of the trip. 
just casually repelling.  
i climbed this whole entire rock wall. one of the rock tracks took me at least an hour to do. 
so, here is the thing we were not suppose to swim. but within the first few hours we were getting out feet wet.  
there were nine of us. all complete strangers and we decided to go spend 10 days in the woods together. genius right? 
just an average day at the site. our days consisted of hiking six plus miles, setting up camp, eating, sleeping, packing up camp and then doing it all over again.  
this was the BEST view of the whole trip. we were literally thin the clouds and this is just one of those moments you can't fully  capture on camera. the wind was so strong and we literally were looking down on tree tops. it was incredible. 
best view of lavivda.

this trip was indescribable. we cried. we laughed. we hiked. and we learned a whole lot about Jesus. these people you see in the picture are my true brothers and sisters in Christ and i am honored and blessed to have spent a month with them. xo // moriah

Friday, November 11, 2016

kauai // summer 2016

guess who went back to the beautiful island of kauai? this girl. this time was so beautiful and different. i flew out for two weeks and go to experience true Hawaiian living. we hit up queens bath, the local waterfalls, this amazing hike on the drier part of the island, babies beach, the bay, kitchens beach and a few other local favorites. here is an recap in pictures.

and the journey begins.

we flew over oahu on the way there. 
this is where i stayed. it was true Hawaiian living. no ac and cool breeze coming through. 
my girl sheena made me a flower crown out of real hawaiian flowers. 
the everyday swing. this had a beautiful view over the valley. 
little a and i. a is rocking some seababy.

adventure is out there.

we went on walks everyday and it was so much fun.

the green is just breathtaking.  

the best burgers around. mmmm. real meat and all. 
my little mama friend.  
adventure is where memories happen.

yes, i jumped from this view. and it was epic.

outdoor showers ad baths are the best. 
everyday is a pool day. 
literally the best juice around. so so good. 
hiked/kayaked into this epic cold waterfall.  

the best beach/bay on the island. 

a and i had some quality time together. xo

kitchens beach with my crew.

monk seal!
in real life.

the fly home.

that is a wrap. aloha!

kauai was marvelous as always. one day i would love to live there and do missions work with the locals. it is a completely different lifestyle full of nature and simplicity.  xo // moriah