Sunday, October 16, 2016

sunday feels

i miss blogging so much and i am thinking about writing about my travels over the past year, so maybe i will catch up on nearly 2 years of travels. for today this post is just simply about taking a day off to rethink and be with our Creator. sundays are the days i choose to not work or do any school work. lazy? no. healthy? yes. sometimes these days can be hard because i feel my to do list adding up and i often wonder if i really should be just reflecting. but then i have afternoons like today and i can feel Him all around. i can feel the peace and i am reshifted to what is truly important in my everyday life. though on my days off, i find it key to be in reflection on these days. to take time to talk to God, go outside, and let that to do list go for one day. for someone who is very productive orientated (is that even a word?) it is a battle. but i never regret it. i found that today spending about an hour outdoors and by the water left me feeling refreshed and renewed. so, here are some thoughts for today's sunday. who knows, maybe i will be back next week?

today's view ^^^

Saturday, October 15, 2016

but if not HE is still good.

life has been a little crazy recently. between sewing, school, work and other life events it is all catching up to me. but as i sit here writing this blog post i have been wanting to write for so long i am reminded that life is one beautiful mess.

last week hurricane matthew hit our area. pouring buckets of water out from your garage into a yard that was half way up to your knees in water, was not fun at 12 am. in those few hours i could feel God's power that i have never experienced before. as the wind races and the water is rushing through our yard, i felt helpless. i felt as if there was nothing i could do but ask God to give me strength to keep going, so I did. and as I sang the lyrics "you are good...good..good...we will prophecy into every situation, that you have never changed and you never will." these lyrics were what i was holding on to as i lifted one bucket of water after another out of our garage and into the racing winds of the night. knowing He could stop this at anytime and He was still on His throne.

then the debate happen and it left me feeling again, helpless. the possibility that these people were going to be in charge of our nation -scared me. now that i am becoming and adult, the law affects me a whole lot more than it did eight years ago. i run a business, i work. i go to school full time. once again i had to remind myself that "He knows and He never falls off of His throne."

so, just a few of these trials in my life over the past few weeks left me knowing a side of God i can easily forget about. that He really is the Almighty Being. He sees it all and yet He is still good. He still could change everything in one moment. He knows. and He never ever falls off His throne.

xo // moriah