Wednesday, December 10, 2014 promised...

Disclaimer: If you ever wonder why I have not been posting a lot or long post. Well I have been sewing nonstop. I have been loving my new serger and new vintage fabric finds. (insert heart emoji here)

As promised though, I did cook dinner and have somewhat of a recipe for you. Last night's dinner was not as fab as I would have hoped it would be but I made something new! I was inspired by a Pinterest pin to make cheesy vegetables. Doesn't sound too appealing but it was delicious (not to mention I am a fan of all things cheese). We also had well, canned soup.  Nothing much homemade about that but it was a laid back kind of night.  So here are some pictures and a little simple reciepe.

Cheesy Vegetables:

For this you can have about any kind of vegetables, put them in a pan together and add some shredded cheese.

I used green beans, peas, and corn. I wanted to add some peppers but we did not have any.

Sorry for the lame pictures it was way too dark.
Thanks for reading. xo

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