Tuesday, November 11, 2014

thrift store finds (and websites)

    We have this really good thrift store in my town and I love it. Love. It. Just in the past month I have found J.Crew to Chacos for under $3. I have also found this great website called thread up. They have many name brand clothes for really cheap prices. I just ordered an L.L. Bean vest from there for $5 (I had a 10 dollar store credit). I am super excited to get it. In the past month my thrift store finds have consisted of, Target shorts (that fit perfect), Levi Jeans (for .67 cents best. deal. ever.), and some Gap items. It is wonderful. Just thought I would share a few pictures and websites.

Thread Up: (the best thrift store website ever): http://www.thredup.com

Like Twice: https://www.liketwice.com/

got this for $5 ($10 store credit + shipping)
shorts $1 and shoes $3

I had a $20 store credit so it was practically free

 only $2 (retail $50+)

Have any tips or suggestions? Share!

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