Tuesday, November 18, 2014

holiday favorites.

I have been loving a few things around my house that have to do with the holidays more than usual this time of year.

1// Candles are not really my thing but I have been loving this candle warmer I received from my sister. I am always afraid that something will catch on fire and this assures it will not! Get one here.
2// socks + heater // While I am always a fan of the heater not so much the socks but it has changed and I love socks so very much now. Especially fuzzy, Christmas colored socks.

3// hot cocoa // Most of the time I put down hot cocoa but when you get a hug box of it at the store, well it is tempting.

4// target and Christmas deco. Yes. Yes. Yes.


 Thanks for reading. xo What are your favorite holiday items?