Saturday, October 4, 2014

thrift store shopping

the total overview
top #1 ($3)

top #2 (brand new and $3)

top #3 (the loft $1)

top #4 (the loft brand new and $4)

yoga skirt ($3 and like new condition)

shorts (aeropostale like new $1)

in the store, basket overload

    Man, I love thrift store shopping. I got all of these name brand goodies for under $15! My friend and I went and we took almost two hours there going through everything, boy was it fun. We found everything from J.Crew to The Loft. All of it was in like new condition. The best trick for me is to find a thrift store that is clean and not shady. This one is both of these. I used to hate thrift shopping until this one opened and there were so many great deals! I highly recommend checking out your local thrift store shops this weekend. Even if you find just one deal. Thanks for reading. xoxo


  1. I really want to go thrift store shopping! It's crazy how you can find so many nice pieces!

    1. Oh it is so much fun! You just have to find the right place and I know it is crazy! xo