Thursday, October 23, 2014

sewing recently

    I have been sewing a few new things recently and thought I would share. I love making kids clothes and would love to sell some. But haven't really found a very efficient way. I am trying a few different options but have not gotten a whole lot of feedback. Let me know if any of you know a good way! Anyway, I made my first romper this week and love how it turned out. The great thing was it only cost me a few bucks. The pants I made from a pattern but the top I made my own pattern. I will say it took a while to make but was worth it for the most part. I also made a while ago two bloomers which are super cute and took less than 30 minutes. Sewing can either be very frustrating or very rewarding. Thanks for reading xox. 

my favorite bloomers ever. so cute.

my first romper (2T up for sale if anyone would like it $36 shipped
these are so soft.

 Thanks for reading. xo

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