Friday, October 17, 2014


It is Friday, yay! That means staying up late and waking up late....ahhh.

A few new happenings going on this week. First off, my family got a Ninja blender and I just made Apple Juice out of real apples! I am freaking out! It works so great.

Also, Taylor Swift came out with a new song "Out of the Woods". While I am not a big Taylor Swift fan, her songs never disappoint. But her music videos are questionable sometimes. I will admit I am listening to the new song right now.

I have also been thinking about doing a video if you saw in yesterday's post. I am still unsure. But, if I do is there anything you want to know about me? If so comment below.

Also have created a new craft below. More of just decorating my mason jar but more to come soon.

Sorry for not many pictures. My computer is having difficulties.



  1. Lovely photograph and I like seeing those little updates! What I'd like to know, is, do you have any photography tips - and a more personal question: what made you start blogging?! X

  2. I'd love to see a video from you :-)