Friday, October 24, 2014

my review on using all natural hair/body products

Awhile ago I blogged about my beauty products I used and said I was going to try out homemade conditioner and shampoo. I did and it wasn't terrible but it wasn't the best for my hair.

I changed my normal routine and went shampoo free and just used homemade conditioner.  I would use my body soap a few times a week to wash my hair but for the most part I used conditioner. The conditioner recipe I used was 8 parts vinegar and 1 part water. I did this for about one month and was bad but, my hair gets oily really quick and this just made it worse.

One day I ran out of my homemade conditioner and just used my old one again and the next morning my hair was so soft. It was amazing.

While I am trying harder to get more store bought natural products for right now I will go back to using my Suave Naturals instead of my homemade products. I am so sad to say this because I wanted to use more natural products but for now this will have to do. I am sure I will find a better product in the future. Right now, it is not worth it to me to have oily hair just to have my hair products all natural.

On the other hand thought I was successful with my new all natural soap and face wash. I now use Kirk's Castle Soap for my body and homemade coconut oil face wash. These were both a great success!  This is the recipe I used for my homemade coconut oil face wash, I keep it in a mason jar that it works perfect. I added a few drops of essential oil and wa laa!

Thanks for reading, have a happy weekend. xoxo


  1. I have never used Suave before! Very interesting to read your review :)