Thursday, October 30, 2014

morning with me

"the view"

my little illy dog

going outside close to when I wake up is really helpful

Weekend mornings look something like this. Bright, sunny, and colorful. I love waking up to the sunshine.  Ahh...

A few things that make my mornings better are: sunshine, no technology, smoothies, my dog, and a comfy & pretty bed. Sounds odd but the number one thing I love about weekend mornings are no technology. I just lay there and think and watch the sun peak through my room. I highly encourage it, starts my day off a lot better.

Mornings can either be my favorite or least favorite part of the day. What about you?

Almost the weekend again, hope you had a great Thursday.

P.S. I went to Target again today.

Thanks for reading. xox


  1. Lovely pictures. X

    1. Thanks so much for always keeping up with me blog! xo

  2. You're so lovely!!! I love your outlook and personality - you have such good morals. I hear you sister, technology free is the way to be :).
    Thanks for sharing,
    Phoebe xx

    1. Why thank you so much, Phoebe! That means a lot. xoxo