Thursday, September 4, 2014

throwback thursday..

    It is getting closer to the end of summer and beggining of fall and I am excited. But then I again I love summer but all the holidays that come with fall/winter make me so happy. Thinking about fall/winter makes me think about what I was doing last year at this time  And well I was baking, singing, eating yummy foods, and much more. And what I will do this year has yet to come. I hope snow. I would love to live in a place that has a nice sunny beach in the summer but snows a lot during the winter. The likely hood of that happening is slim to none. Anyone have any ideas?  What is your favorite thing about fall/winter?


  1. I love fall much more than other season. Things I love about fall is cozy sweater, warm drinks, bonfires, nice smelling candles, fall colors, pumpkins, cold weather, tea with cinnamon and apple. I love everything about autumn definitely.

    1. Oh, yes..I agree. sounds so nice just reading it. xoxxo

  2. If you're looking for sunny beaches in the summer and snow in the winter, come to Minnesota... Just beware we get 100 degrees to -50... so if you like extremes this is it.


  3. I haven't touched snow before :/
    There's nothing better then yummy foods, haha! :D lovely post!