Friday, September 19, 2014


    Mini-vacations can be the best and the worst. I sometimes am ready to go on an adventure, but others times I like being home. This short little overnighter was good, especially since I live in a smaller town. Having a Micheals and Target withing walking distance is crazy. We also went to this amazing doughnut shop...ahh..yumm. It was so cheap and so yummy. Worth every bite.  Sorry for no pictures.

yes, I did buy lots of paper

it is September people

as a creative thinker my mind could not stop wandering on what to do with these letters...

I am wearing my batman socks my sister gave me as a gag gift on my b-day.

I purchased very few things in effort to save money. I love window shopping it is so much fun. Especially, in Bath and Body Work's where I rarely every buy there things. But the fall candles smell amazing. Anyway, there ya have it. My eyes are closing as I type. xoxo


  1. I love mini vacations ;) and you're right, I sometimes just want to stay home. lovely post!

    1. I am so glad someone else feels the same way! xoxoxo

  2. Hey girl, how do you edit your pictures?

    Nathalie xo