Tuesday, September 16, 2014

how I determine what to post about...

    I have a very odd process when it comes to posting everyday. It is a simple process that I have been using for a few weeks now and it is working great! Since I write a lifestyle blog, I have a lot of picture and fewer words. So this is how my blogging process starts out...

#1- go on iPhone and find a picture to base my blog post on
#2- send the picture to my email so I can post it
#3- come up with some "grand idea" to post about
#4 - write up my blog post, edit it and post it
#5- send out my blog post in email format
#6- all done!

on my way home today I snapped this picture; I love it when they come out blurry sometimes

I have been using my iPhone more and more for pictures because it can take some nice pictures and I is super easy to edit and transfer to my computer. Some of the pictures, yes they are grainy and I know they are. Ha. I just don't have time to take high quality pictures everyday and upload and post them. So, this is what works for me and I love it. I have tried scheduling, planning ahead and it is not very enjoyable when I do that so I stick to my normal routine!

How do you blog? xoxo


  1. Lovely post! Personality, I like your photos much more than what some call high quality ones. They actually look really professional. I wish mine would turn out like that. :)

    1. Thanks again Eve! Thanks a lot! Your blog(s) are great too! xoxo

  2. It's really interesting to read about another bloggers process. Mine is more based on whether I have inspiration to blog or not so it goes through stages of having a decent amount of posts to having none. I do try to steer clear of iPhone photos unless I'm doing an Instagram based post, or if I use them like I did in one of my more recent posts I try to have a higher quality one alongside it.

    I don't mind iPhone photos when they're taken in the day time because they can look really sharp & good quality! However, night time/dimly lit ones are terrible and I hate seeing them on my instagram feed all the time. Sometimes the grain of iPhone photos is really nice and warm - it reminds me of film photography :)

    1. Thanks, I am glad you enjoyed it! I do agree with you about the photos! xox