Thursday, August 14, 2014

wallet tutuorial

    When I don't feel like spending money on something, I make it! That is what I did with this wallet. Often times I make things and they don't turn out perfect, so I trash it. Hence the reason I don't make a lot of things for me. But after two tries I got it right! I love how it turned out. So simple, unique, and clean. The only thing I would change, might be to put interfacing in it if you are using cotton fabric. The tutorial called for duck fabric, but just about any fabric will do. This tutorial is super easy, Even if you are just getting into sewing or have been sewing for years. It is pretty customizable, you could add straps, Velcro. make more card holders, whatever you feel like!


Thanks for reading. xoxox


  1. What a great idea! I love this wallet and want to give it a go! I recently started a blog as well and would love to be blog friends:
    Thanks for letting me read!

    1. Thanks so much Melissy! I am sure you will make a great one! I will be sure to go check out your blog! xox

  2. I love it! especially the fabric, pretty!