Wednesday, July 16, 2014

no makeup monday

    I was inspired by this music video below to go without makeup more often. I often find I get caught up and looking good for the "camera" and that is with make up. Even though I don't wear a lot of makeup I like it because it just gives me an extra boost, which is perfectly okay. But, I need to learn to be okay in my all natural skin and honestly I am okay with my natural skin. I don't really like makeup but I know for some people, they can't be seen without it. Other people like me, prefer not to wear it. Still though, I feel like I am not complete without it.

    What I am trying to get to is that starting next Monday I am going to wear no makeup (except some Burt's Bee's lip balm, ha)  for just that day and then the following Monday, and maybe so on and so on. I just think this will help me feel even more comfortable in my own skin. It even gives me five extra minutes in the morning, ha.  :) So, what do you think, would you be willing to go at least one day without makeup? If you need a little boost go watch this video or even if you don't this will brighten your day....

I have always loved Colbie Calliat but she just put this over the top.

It is worth your time, I promise. 


  1. I always love these kind of posts! It's so inspiring. I do go without makeup most days in the summer (I'm a teacher) out of sheer laziness, but wouldn't ever feel comfortable enough to go to work without it!

    Lauren |

    1. Thank you so much, that means a lot! That is awesome! Even if it for laziness reasons! Ha. You should just try maybe a little makeup than normal for work if you are not willing to give it all up!