Tuesday, June 17, 2014

the truth of the matter // why i changed my blog name

    Some of you may have noticed that my blog name has changed. And yes, it has. No, it was not an accident.
    For quite some time now I never really like the name "the girl in red lipstick".  I thought and I thought. And I figured why not change it, what is the worst that can happen? I understand I will lose some followers I will have to build back up again. That is okay. I am completely okay with that. My blog is for me (sounds, selfish but I write on my blog to share my life with you and to document life for me). I need to stop trying to get the approval of others and what they think and just enjoy my blog itself.
    Changing my blog name does not mean I am going to be completely cut off from red lipstick, I still love how it looks on me! But, it just means I am no longer going to be calling my blog "the girl in red lipstick". It is a bitter sweet moment, but I am truly happy with my new blog name now.

I like this picture because it reminds me that when I am out at sea, I have to be brave and let it all go. I feel like this is what I am doing now,  I am just letting it all go, being brave, and just waiting to see what happens. xoxo lovelies.

I have put together some questions you might have because this is a huge change for my blog.

What does your blog name mean? 

purely // living in the simplest purest forms of life
being // learning to be in the moment
her // learning more about me and who I am. 

Why did you decide to do this?

I decided to change my blog name because I figured if I want to grow my blog more then I need to be satisfied with what the name is and I was not before.  I also wanted something a little more sophisticated and something I could grow with.

What about everyone who calls you "the girl in red lipstick"?

What about them? I am still a girl who wears red lipstick but my blog is no longer named after that and I don't really consider myself that anymore. Eventually, people will know me by my new blog name not old one.
Are you afraid of this change and what it might do to your blog?

I am so nervous even writing this post. I don't know how everyone is going to react. I have told very few people about this big change and it is taking a lot of courage to do this change. As I said I am writing on my blog for myself but I also want my readers to be happy. I know I can't please everyone and I am prepared for negative feedback on this big change. We will just have to wait and see how it goes.
Do you think you will be able to re-build your blog up again?

Honestly, my blog is not super popular in the first place so I don't have a lot to build back up. Though I would say building back up my bloglovin followers will be the hardest part.

Do you think you just did this out of the spur of the moment kind of decision?

No, I knew that eventually I would change my blog name to something a bit more suiting to me, but I just didn't know when. So why not now, before my blog gets bigger and will be harder to change names. 

Thank you to Christina Tucker for helping me out with the name. xoxo

Thank you so much for reading. What are your thoughts on my big change? xo.


  1. I think you picked a great new blog name, and it will grow with you for a long time!
    It has a nice ring to it. :)
    Great post! I enjoyed reading!

  2. You chose a wonderful name for your blog. I agree. It's your blog and you should be happy with the name.