Saturday, June 21, 2014


Since I forgot Friday's post, here it is....
Just a few little things I have been loving recently.

Now that I am not at school 8 hours a day I actually have more time to make healthy a breakfast and lunch. One breakfast I have been loving recently is strawberries, toast, and yogurt with granola. This summer I have actually been having breakfasts that keep me full, it has been great! 
Once again, I have more free time and that means more babysitting. One of favorite ways to spend free time. You see that little cutie putting dishes away for me. Yep. It was 9 o'clock and I figured, if you are not going to go to bed well you are going to help me with the dishes, and she did and it was great. Ha. And the little girl below her well she is just drinking her milk from her cereal. Nothing much to tell there. 

Summer has also enabled me to go surfing more too, yay! The waves are a hit and miss but hey when you get some waves it is a blast. 

The other day I made homemade iced mint tea. Yum (hence the picture of the mint plant).

Now that it is summer, I have been able to have a much more flexible schedule and have been able to do a lot more things. Something that I have been doing recently is jogging to the river with me little doggy. Lets just say she is worn out my the time we are finished jogging. She pants the whole time while jogging with me and when we get home she just lays next to the food and water. Ha.

That is what has been going on recently around here; thanks for reading. xoxo.

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