Friday, June 13, 2014

my week in review

    My week was full of up's and down's, happy and sad moments, and one "see ya later" moment. But, for the most part it was pretty good. Let's just say it all started off when I got my J.Crew shorts in the mail. YES. Normally I don't buy J.Crew clothes because they can get pricey but hey, they were on clearance (I had a promo code too) and I needed new shorts. So cute.
So cuteeee.
 On with that, I can't hold this in, I GOT 150 FOLLOWERS on bloglovin! This is a big step for me as a blogger! As I am writing this post I can barley hold it in. I can't even deal. You should have seen the happy dance I did and I can't stop smiling. Oh my goodness. AHH.

 Now that your done listening to me rant about how happy I am....

 This week/weekend was filled with food + friends & family. Many pictures, laughter, food, selfies, and well most of all, fun. I cannot say enough about my friends and the adventures we have. It is really priceless. I love them.

Group photos are the bomb dignity.
    I would have to say of the favorite things we love to do together would be eat, hey it is essential to your body so why not make it yummy? We were very cultured with our meals this week. We had Mexican, Japanese (sushi) and American (ice cream and a cookout) food.  All so yummy.
I love me some food.
    Oh yeah..and well food. I went to target and bought a whole bunch of yummy healthy food, and other good all natural stuff. It all looks so pretty and taste so yummy. One of the biggest deals I found at Target was a dress marked down to $2.88 because it was an online item. It is the best when that happens. It also was the same with my jean dress. 


Thanks for reading. xoxo


  1. Congrats on getting to 100 Bloglovin followers! Lovely post

    Beccy ~ Bluebell & Bumpkin

  2. you look like you've had a lovely week!

    from helen at

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