Monday, June 16, 2014

link love

baby + garden
    I thought I would do something different and do some links I have been loving around the web. Just think only a few more days till the weekend for you guys who work or have school (I am on summer break, yay). To give you something to read this weekend I thought I could share some of my latest reads...

I give props to this mom...why she took all her kids toys away.

I am loving this blog.

Would you wear these pants...or palazzo pants at all?

This wedding, I love how nothing matches, but I am not to fond of the country style (love the vintage though).

These pictures of her kids are absolutely perfection.

And this little mama...

I have never heard of this

Such a perfect outfit...

These are so adorable..I have found my next DIY project..

One piece vintage swimsuits are so cute.

I am so making some of these this summer...yummy.

This goes back to the first one: Project Simplify 365

Ah..summer again...yummy watermelon.

This is so perfect. Just perfect.

And this. much cuteness.

Thanks for reading...xoxo.


  1. Lovely post! That wedding is fab and love the DIY key-rings!

    Beccy ~ Bluebell & Bumpkin

  2. Loved this post, lots of great links and ideas :) x