Thursday, May 22, 2014

summer fun

    You know it is the south when a few months ago it was snowing 2 feet and now it is 90 degrees outside. Like, what? I am not complaining though, I love the summer. The sand, the water, the salt, the breeze....ahhh. Summer is probably my favorite season of them all. So, in honor of the hot weather I put together a pretty picture with a few things I pan on doing this summer. If you would like to print this picture out click here.

1. Wear sunscreen- My mama always tells me to do it, so I just do it, not wearing sunscreen won't make ya any tanner, just burnt.
2. HYDRATE- If I am gonna be soaking up that sun I need to hydrate.
3. Modest is hottest- seriously though, there are some pretty cute tankinis and one pieces out there. I might do a post about it in the future, just hang tight.
4. Collect shells- I always enjoy collecting shells because there are so many things you can do with them.
5. Laugh- Like if you mess up just laugh about it, no big deal.
6. All-nighter- Since I am a teenager this is a must, ha. Completely off topic but this summer I really want to go night swimming more this summer.
7. Get in the H20- be a little braver and just do it. Gotta cool off somehow, right?
8. Be a little braver- just get in the water, just have a little more faith.
9. Soak up the sun- enjoy the peaceful moments. 
10. Fun- have some fun, don't sit inside all day, go out! 


  1. Love it!!!! I may steal some of these for our summer bucket list!