Thursday, May 15, 2014

Liebster Award

    Hello lovelies, I would like to announce that I have been given the Liebster Award by a lovely young lady who I am interviewing at the end of the month! After a little research I discovered what it was, the Liebster Award is an award given by bloggers to other bloggers. The Liebster Award focuses on people with small blogs. There are different sets of rules you follow when you receive the award, I choose the one below.  I think this award is a very neat opportunity to get to know other small blogs! So, there are a set of rules to follow after you accept the award, here they are:

The Rules
Provide a link back to the Blogger who nominated you.
Post 11 random facts about you.
Answer 11 random questions set by the Blogger who nominated you.
Nominate 5-11 Bloggers with under 1000 followers for the award.
Write 11 questions for them to answer.
Let the nominees know that you have nominated them!

The wonderful young lady who nominated me was Nathaline from Chic and Pure.

11 Random Facts About Me:
1. I have been blogging since about 2010/2011 but my blog has not always been public. 
2. I love being in the water.
3. I hope to get a job in the maternity field.
4. I am not a big animal-lover.
5. I self-taught myself how to sew with my Aunt's help. 
7. I am very tall. 
8. I LOVE food.
9. I cannot wait to have kids.
10. I work really hard for more people to read my blog.
11.  I love this lady's blog post about limiting her children's toys. 

Well were those random enough for you?

Questions to Answer.
1.  Is there any country that you have zero interest in visiting?
2.  Which languages do you know and/or which do you want to learn?
English and a little Spanish; I would love to learn French but I heard it is not very useful, but why not?
3.  Did your family travel a lot when you were younger or was it something you developed a love for later?
My family did travel quite a bit, but we stayed in the U.S. I do love to travel and see different places and cultures.
4.  Are you more of an adventurous traveler or a keep it on the safe side traveler?
Depends, I want to go backpacking more but sometimes I love the luxurious spa. I change my mind all the time.
5.  Do you have a bucket list?  If so, will you be fulfilling any of those in 2014.
Yes, my bucket list is scattered in my head and I have a few written down but in 2014 I have no idea what I want to accomplish from my bucket list. I will probably think of something. 
6.  If money were no option, where would you most want to visit and why?
France and Spain, they seem like beautiful cities. 
7.  Where is your next trip and when?
Hmm...I honestly don't know. I will take a trip during my summer break but where is another story. 
8.  Go-to accessory item?
A long, simple teal  necklace I own. 
9.  Who is your favorite author?
Carolyn Keene (Nancy Drew author)
10.  Favorite designer label?
J.Crew and Anthlopolgie (if only I could afford them)
11. If you could live anywhere where would it be? 
Right on the southeast coast  beach. 


Questions Nominees Answer:
1. How long have you been blogging?
2. Do you want kids?
3. What do you think about technology?
4. Are you obsessed with Pinterest?
5. What kind of music do you like?
6. Are you still in school?
7. What is your favorite social media?
8. If you own a Pinterest, what is your favorite thing to look at?
9. What do you love about your blog?
10.Would you ever want to go to the Grammys?
11.What is your favorite food? 

Thanks for reading lovelies. xo.


  1. Great answers! Just found your blog today, it was nice knowing more about you! :)


    1. Thanks so much! I love your cute little creations on your blog!