Friday, February 28, 2014

room makeover.

    I recently re-organized and re-dedcorated parts of my room and I thought I would share. I loved how it turned out, because it describes me. My favorite part of my room would probably be my makeup area/ closet and my craft/sewing area. Yes, that is probably a little over 1/2 of my clothes (the other half is sitting in the dryer sill. ha.). I figured it was time to let go of all the clothes I never wore and give them to someone who would. My makeup area has different quotes I love and I read them almost everyday. Now, my picture wall is another one of my favorites. I never thought I could pull this off, but I love to different colors and sizes. Last but not least, my new updated craft/sewing area. The color scheme is teal and grey and I will have another blog post dedicated just about my craft/sewing area. I hope you enjoy and get some inspirartion. Thanks and have a lovely day. 

 Picture Wall. Bed. Reading Area. 

Makeup Area.

Bookshelves. Surf Board. Tassel Banner

The end. 
P.S. A lot of deco I did myself; so, if you have any questions on how to do (xyz) just comment below or contact me, thanks! 

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