Wednesday, January 29, 2014

photography // it snowed in the south // part 1

    If you have ever lived in the South, you know if it snows, it's a BIG DEAL. Last week was a BIG DEAL. It was not even a foot of snow, but places shutdown and roads were icy. As I am typing this we are expected to have even more snow tonight. Everyone is freaking out because it is the South, we own swimsuits not snow shovels. :) Plus, this has not happened in 25 years! Oh my. Anyway, we had a few snow days out of it and it was a lot of fun! So many adventures from, getting my boot stuck in the ice (and having to shovel it out) to falling into deep snow drifts.  I thought I would share a few memories and adventures I captured on camera. 

The night before. 

In the morning, yay! 

I absolutely love this picture of our dog Little Man! He was just hopping around....lalalaa.

There were these HUGE snow drifts near the ditches we discovered by accident. Ha. 

Who could forget snow cream? Yum. 

Thanks for reading. Have a lovely day. 


    So, as I said it snowed again!  I think it was like 8 inches. Let's just say I am sick of the snow. But, of course I got my camera out and took some pictures. I didn't take as many pictures because it had already snowed and it wasn't as big of a deal this time around. Anyway, here they are....

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