Friday, December 13, 2013

what i believe and why

    Why do you believe what you believe? A few months ago someone had stated a question that I thought I might need to answer. I thought about this and came to realize I didn't have an answer except "because it is what my parents believe". Now if you think about it, a lot of people would say that or "because I go to church". It took me a while to figure out an answer but God put me through many trials that pushed me to lean on him. And I came to realize God is my rock, my everything, and without him I would be nothing. God is my savior. You and I go through trials everyday and sometimes we are just so worn out. We all want someone to lean on, and God is who I lean on. So to sum it up I believe what I believe because God is my rock, I lean on him.

    Now I would like to share with you what I believe. I believe that Jesus Christ is my savior not my religion. I think that there are so many definitions of a Christian and I don't really prefer to to call myself a Christian. What I believe is pretty simple, God is who I lean on, pray to, and trust in. He is who I live my life for. He is first. Now how I live my life since I am a Christ follower is a whole different blog post. Ha.  I wanted to keep this blog post pretty simple so I did. I would love to hear your feedback, so thanks for reading! Have a lovely day.


  1. It all boils down to what one believes about Jesus Christ.

    When Christ asked Peter in Mark 8:29, "who do YOU say that I am? Peter answered Him, "You are the Christ (Messiah)." Also, what one believes about the Bible will definitely show a person's stance about Christ Jesus.

    Leaning upon the Everlasting Arms of Jesus Christ,