Friday, December 6, 2013

limiting social media

     Do you find yourself on Instagram, clicking hashtag after hashtag and next thing you know it has been 20 minutes? I do. So I have deleted my Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook app for now. I will get them back eventually but for now I no longer have these certain apps. Why? Well let me tell you. 

When I do this, I find myself paying more attention to other people, things, and the world around me. Yes, we all know there are so many things to do and plan, but these things will not last forever, memories and relationships will. Instagramming your breakfast at Panera (which I have done multiple times) is something that no one will remember a couple years from now or even days. We all know you want to stay up with the latest trends but really, no one is going to remember years from now. But if you really think about it how often are you on social media? Is it a lot or a little? There is a study showing that 23% of Facebook users check their account five or more times a day (source here). It may not be Facebook for you, it could be Instagram, Twitter, or something else. But, is sacrificing your relationships worth a few extra minutes checking up on everyone elseJust think about how much time your investing and you decide what you think is best. Maybe you should limit yourself or fast from social media for one week. At least think about how much time your investing and do if you really want your  daughter, friend, husband, sister to remember whether you were always on your phone or were you asking them about their day and spending time with them. What kind of legacy do you want to leave?  For those of you who are ready to just jump in, I have a challenge for you. See if you can go one week without checking or posting any of your social media (any thing from Facebook to Instagram but not Pinterest...haha). I am challenging myself to do this this upcoming week. I just want to see how much different my day is when I am not checking social media every second.  If you don't take away anything from this post then please just ask yourself one question, am I spending my time where I need to be, is this really important right now or can it wait? Thanks for reading. Have a lovely day. I would love to hear your feedback!  


  1. Moriah, I would like to re-blog this post the end of December. OK with you? G-Meints

    1. Yep, that would be great! Thanks! Glad you are enjoying my blog!