Tuesday, October 22, 2013

How to Thrift Store Shop and Clearance Rack Shop

    I will admit. I shop at thrift stores and I used to hate it. But let's admit it, do we all have $30 to spend on one shirt? Nope. So today I would like to share a few tips.

Clearance Rack Shopping- 

1. Ask yourself if you were paying full price, would you buy it? Everyone in a while its okay to just buy things because its $3. But honestly ask yourself this every time.

2. Have a price limit.

3. If you see a good piece of clothing, that you know will last a while. Go ahead and buy it FULL PRICE. Don't be afraid, but be mindful. Remember first impressions are important. Always look classy.

Thrift Store Shopping-

1. Find a good clean thrift shop. I found one near where I live. It's very nice. This makes your shopping trip more enjoyable. Also Platos Closet is an amazing consignment shop, those are great too! Below is a picture.

2. This is a biggie. Know what your looking for. The thrift store has so much junk but also some great stuff. I have found sweater from, J.Crew, Old Navy, The Loft, and even New York & Company! If you found a Pinterest Project and you need a white shirt, Thrift Store. So this way if it ends up being a PINTERST FAIL. No big deal. :)

3. Buy things that can be paired with many things. It's okay to have shirts that make there own statement, but it's great to have different colored cardgains and scarves.   But also it's so cheap normally that this doesn't always apply.

4. Have fun and Be Creative. If you go into any store with a two-year old I don't want to do this attitude, it's gonna be dreadful. Just have fun!

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